Fully automatic fire extinguishing robot "KesuRobo"
This "KESUROBO" is the first innovative initial fire extinguishing activity product focused on initial fire fighting activities of general homes and small facilities

Fully automatic fire extinguishing robot "KesuRobo"

This product is a fire extinguisher robotic device that can fire initial fire fighting activities 24 hours a day, 365 days without human power.
【CFP】住宅火災から弱者を守れ 自動消火システム「ケスロボ®」
Protect vulnerable people from housing fire. Automatic extinguishing system "KesuRobo"

在宅介護医療の改革が進む我が国日本。高齢者や要支援者が自宅に一人で生活することが多くなってきています。そこで、心配されるのが住宅火災です。住宅火災における死者数は年間およそ1000人前後で推移しており、このうち65歳以上の高齢者が7割近くを占めています。 自力で動くことが難しい方々を、住宅火災からどのように救うのか?対策が強く求められています。 そんな中、画期的な商品が開発されました。人の力を全く必要とせずに、初期消火活動ができる、全自動の消火装置。 それが「ケスロボ」です。
Japan is advancing reform of home care medicine. Older people and supporting supporters are increasingly living alone at home. Therefore, what is worried is a residential fire. The number of deaths in residential fire has been around around 1000 per year, of which 70% of elderly people aged 65 and older are occupied.
How to save people who are difficult to move by themselves from residential fire? Measures are strongly required.
In the meantime, breakthrough products were developed. Fully automatic fire extinguisher capable of performing initial fire fighting activities without requiring human power at all.
That is "kesrovo".

A state of fire extinguishing experiment of "KesuRobo®"


This video is a video of a fire extinguishing experiment of a fully automatic fire extinguisher "KesuRobo". This situation is simulating the case of a fire from the kitchen floor.

This KesuRobo is
1) Discover the fires and point the camera module towards the flame.
2) Next, we focus on the size of the flame and continue to monitor its growth.
3) If the size of the flame exceeds a certain level, it is injected when it is judged that the kettle is dangerous.
4) After injection, send SMS to your acquaintance who registered in advance.
5) In the e-mail sent by Kess Robo, a photograph of the situation of the fire species before the injection and a picture of the site situation after the injection are also attached. In the unlikely event that the extinguishment fails after injection from the machine, the site situation can be confirmed in the photograph.

The above is a series of flows with this product.

*Browsing WEB sites and maps in movies can not currently be done
How about your facility as a support robot for your initial firefighting activity?



Unlike conventional fire extinguishers (including fire extinguishers), this "KesuRobo" automatically detects the fire base by attaching it to a conventional fire extinguisher and turns the nozzle toward that direction , It is a product that pushes down the injection lever by the power of the motor. We will notify people concerned by the function of the network and also report the phone.

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Our "KesuRobo" protects your safety and safety from the fear of fire with the latest technology in Japan.

24H Monitoring

This product is watching with your RGB camera and infrared camera so that your precious people and things will not be surrounded by flames 24 hours a day, 365 days a day off.


This product combines the ultraviolet detection method with the image detection technology of the infrared camera, not the conventional heat sensing method, and detects the flame.

AUTO extinguisher

When the flame becomes dangerous and it reaches the dangerous level, "KesuRobo" operates by the force of the motor without using any human force against the safety pin and injection lever.


New detection method ideas and network functions

Video Recording

In the future, kesrovo will record with a mini PC equipped with "KesuRobo" from the detection of the fire condition until the extinguishing time. (* It is not installed in the "1st-KesuRobo" planned to sell)


This product will inform you about the status of the fire site and the situation of the fire by telephone and short mail to the close relatives and neighborhood registered in advance.

Telephone Announce

Since there are times when you do not notice e-mails and SMS, we will inform you of multiple emergency telephones by automatic voice to multiple notifier (you choose).

Auto Update

In the near future, the software part of this product will automatically update to the latest version. (It is not installed in the "1st-KesuRobo" to be released. )

Pinpoint, we conduct initial fire fighting activities without any human hands

By the image processing of the infrared camera mounted in KesuRobo, It will start the initial fire fighting activity before the fire. When a small flame is detected and the flame becomes large, turn the nozzle towards fire and the kettle itself pulls out the safety pin and injects it automatically in the fire direction

Excellent network notification function

KesuRobo detects the type of fire at the timing when it is judged that it was not detected finally by mistake and sends an emergency call to all previously registered e-mail addresses, short mails, and telephone numbers. You can also notify people who can not open mails by phone, and you are always safe against fire.

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